Create a lake map with fish finder

Here is your chance to create your professional river bed map. If you have the necessary fish finder, you can perform the data recording as described below, the rest is up to us. You don't need to buy expensive software, you don't need to spend a lot of time getting to know them. You don't have to learn how to interpret and process data. With the experience of surveying and data processing of hundreds of domestic and foreign lakes, my company will do it for you.

Data recording

Check your fish finder to see if it has a recording function. (It is important to use a Side Imaging fish finder! If you are unsure about the device, send me a short recording, based on which I can tell you and show the expected result.) Before starting the survey, set twice the known depth and the lateral imaging distance to 35 meters


Survey in practice:


- Turn on the recording! Start mapping the water area by walking around the coastline! When you're done, stop recording.

- If there are islands, continue going around them after restarting the recording.

- When taking parallel recordings, make sure that the distance between the tracks is about 20 meters!

- If the recordings have been completed in the entire area of the lake, then the same must be carried out perpendicular to the previous route.

- If you have the recordings, you must send the data on the SD card to


  If you provide the coordinates of the lake to be surveyed, I will send back the square grid that can be uploaded to the device, which you just have to follow during the survey.

Let's look at the route in theory on a map.
Let's see it in practice on the water.

Let's look at the route in theory on a map.

Let's see it in practice on the water.


Data processing

The data you have recorded and sent will be processed within a few weeks.

The following maps are being prepared.
- lake bed map
- photographic map
- composite map
- KMZ map file

(After downloading the KMZ file, it can be opened in the Google Earth application or in the Explore Google Earth web application)

Fee for making maps

After you have received the maps and found everything in order, the payment will be made by bank transfer based on the sent invoice. The costs: 100 EUR + 5 EUR per hectare 

(E.g. for a lake with a surface of 7 ha: 100+(7*5)=135 euros)

Account number: 11775472-39522885

You can place your order with your name and address, which will also appear on your invoice.

A separate agreement is required for the sale of maps.